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January 13, 2021

Poetry in Architecture

The ancient land once coveted by the Greeks, Mongols, Arabs and Turks is now inhabited by the friendliest people you will ever meet. Those with or without a penchant for ancient history and architecture are bound to be entranced by the astounding beauty of the cities and oases of this great land. The honeycombed Mihrabs and arches of the blue beauty –Masjed-e-shah of Esfahan, the gurgling fountains and squares of Yazd or the giant staircases of Persepolis, Tehran with its café culture and eclectic art scene are some of the baffling sights that leaves one gape in wonder, And if this does not leave one dumbstruck get ready for the visual assault at Tabriz Bazaar –the world’s largest covered bazaar teaming with exotic carpets, jewelry and home décor.



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