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We love to hear from our fellow travellers.

Over time, we’ve been able to create so many adventures and moments of bliss for our clients. We’re filled with gratitude as we share some reviews and testimonies from a few of our amazing travellers.


“While this is a relatively new enterprise, my family and I, have been extremely pleased with every encounter – over the past 15 years – that we have had with the founders of Encompass.
Short trips have been made simpler, longer trips have been filled with awesome experiences. But, regardless of the length of the trip, everything was tailored to our wishes. The level of curation, each and every time, was always surprising in a good way: things we thought of were always provided; things that we could not have imagined appeared as if by magic to make the experience even better.
We have been so happy that we have extended this relationship by recommending Encompass to many friends and family members. They, too, are very happy repeat customers. We intend to rely on Bhawna, Taruna and their growing Encompass team for many years to come.”


“Bhawna is an amazing entrepreneur who makes everything about travel simpler through her experiential approach to travel. I sought Bhawna’s help while traveling to Norway and Bali, and from travel visas to hotels to hidden gem recommendations off the beaten path, Bhawna had it all covered, all in an easy to comprehend package. Seriously, if you’re doing anything about travel, reach out to Bhawna, she’s incredibly globally aware of the travel business, and she’s the friendliest too! ”


“If all I have to do was show up to an exotic country and guaranteed the best time.. sign me up! Encompass took care of every little detail and showed us Morocco like no other with surprises sprinkled along the way. My girlfriends and I have taken many girls trip but we usually plan them ourselves, this time we let Encompass do it for us and now we can’t do it any other way! ”


“Japan – A cultural gem, a fascinating country, a small island, a powerful nation. We got to experience all these aspects of this country thanks to Experience Encompass.

To understand Japan one trip is not enough. I will definitely go back and always count on EE to help me explore and experience Japan in the best possible way. EE understood the brief, the budget, and the requirement wonderfully and tailor-made this plan for us. There were zero gaps between plan and execution. Everything worked with surgical precision to the last T. They are wonderful people to work with, special shout out to Bhawna, who is full of tips and advice and recommendations 😘

I have only two things to say about Encompass — Immaculate planning and flawless execution.”


“Thank you, Taruna, Dipti and your team for this phenomenal experience in such a beautiful and mystical land! Every bit was unforgettable. The mind and the senses are truly energized. Thank you to all the lovely women on the trip, it was great to hear all your stories and learn from them. Best wishes to all of you! Lots of love”


“Bhawna and her team has helped organise many of my vacations over the past few years and I have had a remarkable experience working with them each time! They have helped me plan family trips, special occasion trips and organised destination celebrations both in India and internationally. They have planned my holidays across various continents from Japan in Asia to Malta in Europe and from New Zealand in Oceania to Chile in South America. Their team has demonstrated very good local knowledge of all destinations and tailored travel programs that featured unusual off-the-beaten track sights, exceptional culinary experiences and outstanding local guides for me and my group.

I cannot say enough about Bhawna Rao, the director of the firm, who not only has the formidable task of managing complex itineraries but also catering to the travel preferences and desires of every individual in the group. One in particular involved a group of 11 ladies who flew from four different countries around the world to Oman armed with an impressive list of to-dos and to-sees over a short weekend getaway. Bhawna was very attentive to our every need, flexible in her service and quick to act on our requests throughout the stay. I would highly recommend them to anyone, and would not hesitate to work with them again to go on more adventures!”


“Thank you soooo Taruna and Dipti. Excellent efforts. Superb trip. This was first time with YFLO and as everyone has.. I too have returned back with great great memories and experience. Very well organised. Thanks a lot. Looking forward to making more and more wonderful memories with you all. Much love to all. ”


“I recently took a trip to Morroco planned by Encompass. I have never used a travel curator before to plan a vacation, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everything from the hotels, excursions, and restaurants were well planned and simply amazing. Encompass connected us to the best tour guides and lead us on an unforgettable adventure through Marrakesh. I have never left a trip feeling as satisfied as I did with the trip planned by Encompass.”


“The Encompass team did a commendable job of handling a large group of 30 ladies. They had every small detail in control-from check in at Delhi to our personalised transport in Leh. The resort was super comfortable and the food was really fresh and enjoyable! The local folk performances to visiting the Jigmet Museum and understanding the roots of local fashion were interesting activities for us all! Overall, a must do with a small or large group! Definitely looking forward to my next trip with Encompass!”


“When you take a trip using Encompass you can tell they have done their research in which they think of EVERY little detail to make your vacation extremely memorable and worry-free.
Before leaving for our trip to Morocco we were sent a very detailed agenda, they were able to answer any questions we had (e.g., the customs of the country so we could pack/dress appropriately), and reassured us that once we landed we would have both a driver and a local guide waiting for us so we didn’t have to worry about ANYTHING in regards to getting from the airport to the first location of our trip.
Upon arrival they showed us Morocco like no other! We got to see all the different things that make it such a special country…..from staying in the Atlas Mountains at a beautiful, hidden resort in which we could hike all day and enjoy incredible service and amenities at night…..to experiencing all the different things that make Marrakech unique such as: shopping at high end stores and as well as the souks, eating at incredible restaurants, visiting a museum, take a carriage ride through the city with a guide to learn about the history and culture of the city, and staying in a hotel that was like staying in a museum based on the fact it was so ornate, unique, with incredible customer service…..to completing the trip with a sunset camel ride followed by a candlelight dinner under a tent in the desert.
I’ve never had more people tell me “your trip looked incredible!” after I posted several pictures and videos on social media….& I would have to say I agree. It was a trip of a lifetime and would HIGHLY recommend Encompass to anyone looking for their own trip of a lifetime.”


“Thank you, Taruna and the Encompass team. You guys are amazing. The experience was surreal. Will cherish these memories forever.”


“I had a great time Taruna! Can’t wait to travel for the next Encompass trip. Lovely company! Great location! Thoughtful gifts! Seeing your smiling face greeting us every day was the best start to the day! All the best!”


“Bhawna meticulously planned our family holiday to Northeast India to celebrate a milestone birthday. Our group included 3 generations from a 3 year old to a 75 year old. She tailor made our itinerary to include a visit with a local family, a walk in the sacred forest and stays at the best hotels in Kaziranga and Shillong. We appreciated her attention to detail and understanding exactly how we like to explore a new destination. Thanks for creating some very special memories for our entire family!”


“Impeccable organisation, Taruna. What a a fabulously curated experience!”


“I was going with my parents and children, and we had diverse multi generational needs to be met. Bhawna and her team curated our experience with skill, the planning of logistics and execution was impeccable.”


“My Morroccan sojourn with Encompass was nothing short of spectacular. Having traveled with them before, I knew this too would be a well curated and unique. They didn’t disappoint! From our first day at the stunning Richard Branson property in the Atlas mountains to the starlit supper at a desert camp on our last night, the execution was flawless. In a short five days, I got to soak in the flavours, the colours, the stunning sunsets, the heart warming food, the mountains, the desert, the Medina, the hammam, the nightlife and above all the distinctive Moroccan culture with its African, Arabic and European influences. And the icing on the couscous (which incidentally I OD’d on), was forging new friendships with warm, funny as hell, large-hearted exceptional humans! ”


“It was beyond perfect . Thanks for organising a great trip!”


“Thankyou so much Taruna, Mandita and Dipti for such a fab trip..going home with so many memories which will be cherished forever..lots of love always”


“From meeting Sonum Wangchuk to the mystic lamas…..from visiting Army base camps to slumber party ….
Visiting the couture designers in leh to …. see them weave pashminas …..
from meeting passionate painting conservator Nelly Rieuf who gave 9 years of her life to restore thanka paintings …….and to be hosted at one of the warm hearted Ladakh locals home 🏡each moment had countless emotions and lifetime memories can’t describe in words…..as it can just felt and seen by one’s own eyes !! Beautiful Ladakh with the sweetest people in the world.
Special thanks to Taruna_seth @experience_encompass to give me the opportunity to meet and enjoy these moments.”