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India Calling


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Home is where the heart is and as we spend more time at home bonding with our families, we realise that we are in this together. And we are lucky to call Incredible India our home. So vast and enchanting of a country where so many experiences are waiting to be uncovered and explored.

The roar of a tiger. A swaying elephant. The majestic ruins of Hampi. The mighty Himalayas. A flash of lightning. Chasing the monsoons. Gliding through the backwaters. Tearing down the Ganges. Tears from mirchi ka salan. Succour from coconut water. The burst of Diwali fire crackers. The soft color from tesu flowers on holi. Sunrise in Ladakh. Sunset in Kanyakumari. The healing touch of Ayurveda. The calming power of Yoga. Taj Mahal in the moonlight.

Close your eyes. Travel back in time to an ancient civilization flourishing along the lush Indus River Valley. See the bustle of traders. Gaze at the well laid out cities. Hear the laughter of precious children. Follow the sacred intonations of priests. Marvel at the sinewy terracotta figurines. Admire the carefully hand crafted gold jewelry. Now, five thousand years later, open your eyes to an India, same, yet different. An incredible journey awaits you in a land where the guest is revered as God.



Escape to a royal retreat in Kerala. Hear the soothing hum of raindrops. Watch the palm trees sway gently over the placid backwaters. Inhale the perfume of medicinal herbs mingled with the sweet scent of the champak flower. Having left behind urban chaos, surrender to the calm. Lose yourself to rediscover your soul. Uncover the secrets of Ayurveda, the Science of Life. This traditional medicinal system melts away your toxins and leaves you rejuvenated and refreshed. Practice the philosophy of Yoga to unite the body, mind and soul. Step into the serene world of wellness, and, reclaim your life in India, a complete wellness destination.



The moon, an illuminated disk in the night sky, casts a pale shadow over the flowing waters of the Yamuna River. The last call to the faithful floats across the soulful city of Agra with the cool autumn breeze. The magnificent ode to love, the Taj Mahal, one of the new seven wonders of the world, built by the mighty Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan, takes your breath away, even after centuries, . The rise and fall of dynasties and the constant stream of conquerers wove a different thread into the rich architectural tapestry of India. With 28 designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites and innumerable magnificent other monuments, explore the India of yore.

Caravan in the desert


The Thar Desert, the mighty Himalayas, sacred rivers, fertile plains, rugged hills, dry plateaus, and a long coastal strip. India, from North to South and East to West, is as diverse as it is expansive. While the country’s north is protected by the Himalaya Mountains, the triangular peninsula has the Bay of Bengal to its east, the Arabian Sea to its west, and the Indian Ocean to its south. Ski in Auli, snorkel in Lakshadweep, skydive in Uttaranchal, and surrender to the rain forests of the North East. Explore India’s breathtaking natural landscape, one vista at a time.



The sweet chime of the temple bells. The hopeful clamor of the church carillon. The haunting call of the muezzin. The lyrical trumpet of the conch shell. The rhythmic beat of drums. Embrace the encompassing spirit of India. Explore the heart and soul of a billion people of many faiths. India is the land of the pilgrim. Many a wanderer have found warmth, hearth and courage in her benevolent arms. Immerse yourself in her divine embrace and, in this journey, discover your soul.



The jungle is alive and whispering. A pair of amber eyes bore through you, then melt in the darkness of the night. You hear the rustle of leaves and the frantic squawk of a rose ringed parakeet. Then, silence. The earth trembles. From the shadowy darkness, a magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger ambles into view. Visit one of the two dozen tiger reserves to see the pride of the jungle, the tiger, India’s national animal, in full glory. Fancy ogling at the one-horned rhino? Or gazing at a herd of Asiatic Elephants? The country’s over seventy national parks and near 400 wildlife sanctuaries will claw you back for more.



The Deccan Odyssey – is a historic journey through the center of India. It’s filled with visits to grand forts, beautiful temples and powdery beaches. Golden Chariot will take you on a memorable journey through the rich states of Karnataka and Goa.

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Exploring the unknown might not be everyone’s cup of tea and it takes an unique traveler to go the unbeaten path. But once there, they do come back with stories worth traveling for. Whether it’s about going to scarcely discovered forests, or diving between the earth’s crust, there is no stone we leave uncovered or no adventure we refuse when it comes to our unconventional holidays. Let us do the hard work now so that you can do the hard work later.