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Morocco is where flights of fancy are the norm, not the exception. This is where you have to form an entirely new vocabulary for romance and grandeur.

The bustling souks will tell you their secrets, whether by way of an antique vase dating to the Ottoman period or the kebabs at one of the discrete tea rooms so common to this land. Morocco is no one-trick pony, it also offers you the heights of luxury and indulgence, whether at a candlelit fine dinner while watching the most magical sunsets flanked by the ruggedly handsome Atlas mountains or the most private intimate night in Casablanca. A little bit of trivia for the fashionistas, did you know that the movie Sex and the City 2 was filmed in Marrakech, posing as Abu Dhabi? This essentially means you can shop in the very same magical medinas and souks as Carrie Bradshaw did in the movie! It's no surprise then that the master craftsman YSL fell for its charms and was inspired to create the colorful palette of designer wear that shot him to fame.

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“I recently took a trip to Morroco planned by Encompass. I have never used a travel curator before to plan a vacation, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Everything from the hotels, excursions, and restaurants were well planned and simply amazing. Encompass connected us to the best tour guides and lead us on an unforgettable adventure through Marrakesh. I have never left a trip feeling as satisfied as I did with the trip planned by Encompass.”



“When you take a trip using Encompass you can tell they have done their research in which they think of EVERY little detail to make your vacation extremely memorable and worry-free.

Before leaving for our trip to Morocco we were sent a very detailed agenda, they were able to answer any questions we had (e.g., the customs of the country so we could pack/dress appropriately), and reassured us that once we landed we would have both a driver and a local guide waiting for us so we didn’t have to worry about ANYTHING in regards to getting from the airport to the first location of our trip.

Upon arrival they showed us Morocco like no other! We got to see all the different things that make it such a special country.....from staying in the Atlas Mountains at a beautiful, hidden resort in which we could hike all day and enjoy incredible service and amenities at night.....to experiencing all the different things that make Marrakech unique such as: shopping at high end stores and as well as the souks, eating at incredible restaurants, visiting a museum, take a carriage ride through the city with a guide to learn about the history and culture of the city, and staying in a hotel that was like staying in a museum based on the fact it was so ornate, unique, with incredible customer service.....to completing the trip with a sunset camel ride followed by a candlelight dinner under a tent in the desert.

I’ve never had more people tell me “your trip looked incredible!” after I posted several pictures and videos on social media....& I would have to say I agree. It was a trip of a lifetime and would HIGHLY recommend Encompass to anyone looking for their own trip of a lifetime.”