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Why Varanasi?

Presumably the oldest living city on earth, Varanasi has a definitive religious tenor when you walk into the old city. Hindus believe that getting cremated here helps in the smooth transition to life on the other side. The burning ghats apart, the city is known for classical music, festivals like Dev Deepavali, exquisite street food and silk weaving. Its stepped ghats along the Ganga and life around are the main draw. This is one of the essential destinations in India, that one must visit. That’s why we’ve created a trip that eliminates all that might be overwhelming about the slim, sinuous streets of the city. Instead, there is food, shopping, boat rides, temple hopping (if you want) and a festival that will leave you in awe of the ghats. This trip is planned around Dev Deepavali, so you can experience the gorgeous set up of thousands of lamps on the stepped ghats.


What to expect

Varanasi is an all-consuming city for the senses. In a good way. Check – in a GREAT way! Sights, sounds and smells, be prepared to be taken in by everything and above all the friendly locals. We meet and spend time with historical experts, seasoned boat men, weavers and famous street food spots. This small group journey will be perfect if you want to explore one of the most exciting destinations in India.


Creating a trip ‘just’ right for you

Varanasi’s streets may be crammed, atmospheric and full of surprises, your accommodation will be an antidote to this. We’ve chosen the best ghat addressed stays and curated experiences that you won’t be able to find on the Internet to match your taste of travel. Get in touch to know more.



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