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June 27, 2022

A Jordan Low-Down

They say Jordan reveals its charms slowly and surely. This is one of those destinations that might have been on your list forever, or never featured there and this blog will only trigger you to look at it for the first time. The reason why it made it to our list is that it’s close, pretty economical and absolutely stunning to plan in a jiffy. So, if you haven’t got your holiday list locked for the next few months, consider Jordan making its way into it. We assure you that you’ll love the local food, and the hospitality and will have to pick your dropped jaw when you set your eyes on the sights. It’s also a great trip with family, as it has multiple activities and areas to explore. Let us help you plan a trip that’s suitable for all and rich in experiences.

The most talked-about place in Jordan - Petra
Petra is the ancient Nabataean city locked in the heart of Jordan’s sandstone outcrops. It’s the jewel in the crown of the country’s many antiquities and historical remnants. Explorer Jean Louis Burckhardt first brought news of the pink-hued necropolis back to Europe in the 19th century. Since then, the walk through the Siq to the Treasury (Petra’s most popular monument) has impressed millions of travellers. The vast rocky landscape and a mood that changes with the shifting light of dawn and dusk is a highlight that rewards a longer visit and not just a short spin. This will have to depend on how much history you can take in.

Jordanian food for the soul
Authentic Jordanian cuisine can be hard for a tourist to unearth as the country doesn’t have much of a restaurant culture for the locals. People who are on the move eat staple Middle-Eastern fare – falafel or shish kebabs – from street vendors. In the early evening, men go to cafes to shoot the breeze, smoke shisha water pipes and drink coffee heavily laced with cardamom. But they generally return home to eat the big meals. In this case, what should tourists expect to find? For travellers, there are plenty of places that can be explored. If you love Arabic food, warm friendly hospitality, and a mix of both modern and ancient history, you’re going to love the local food here. Some of the things that one must try are manakish, kousa mahshi, maqluba, mansaf and the classic kebabs, falafel and hummus. The capital, Amman, has a great selection of restaurants, ranging from hole-in-the-wall spots to very nice relaxing and luxurious dining.

The Dead Sea Experience
Not only the lowest spot on earth but also the saltiest and most mineral-laden body of water in the world, the Dead Sea, which joins Israel and Jordan, is legendary as a source of healing and has become a popular centre for health, rehabilitation and beauty treatments. You have to head west to experience this. Some resorts offer the experience of a comfortable dip and clean.

Tip: Despite its name, the Dead Sea is actually not a sea, but a hypersaline lake. Why is it called the Dead Sea? Because no life forms (plants or living creatures) could survive in its waters, although it does contain microbial life. You have to be extremely careful that the water does not get into your eyes and that you don’t spend too much time in the water.

Jordan is a small country that's big on hospitality, ancient history and culture, and numerous Unesco World Heritage sites. It offers endless opportunities for adventure and fun and is extremely welcoming.



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