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June 7, 2022

Choosing the Right Place to Stay on a Holiday

When you come to Encompass Experiences, you can be rest assured that all your travel planning woes will come to an end. Just give us the budget, interests and details of the people travelling, so we can craft something great that’s just right for you. It could be a milestone celebration, a special romantic getaway after your wedding, a much-needed break with the family or even an organizational retreat to bond with office colleagues. We have you covered on all accounts – stay, travel, dining experiences, activities and suggestions to explore when you have some me-time during the trip. While we do all the planning, here are some pointers on different kinds of stays that might interest you apart from a great chain hotel.

Boutique hotels
Accommodations that encompass historic estates, vineyard cottages or boutique guest houses, typically providing unique facilities, location, service and guest experiences are our favourite. This means that you often wake up to a spectacular mountain vista or a scenic freshwater lake, and have unhurried experiences planned around. Less number of rooms and personalised hospitality to get to know the place and the hosts better are the hallmarks of boutique hotels. These accommodations can be a treat for the night or your entire holiday, especially when you are travelling as a small group.

Farmstays are a unique accommodation option if you want a real taste of rustic, authentic farm life. This promises a lot of fun for the kids, with a special charm of farm animals, open surroundings to run in, and hopefully a lake for a quick refreshing swim. Often similar to a Bed & Breakfast, with a few extra hands-on activity options thrown in, this is a true ’getting back to nature holiday. Farmstay accommodations let travellers feel like part of the farming family and are great when planning with a couple of friends or children.

Luxury Lodges
In a class of their own, luxury lodges are extremely accommodating and cater to the most discerning visitors who want the best of both worlds – adventure with some luxury. They promise to have your every need taken care of, dine on fine gourmet cuisine and enjoy the highest standard of hosting and facilities. These unique properties offer the pleasures of things like spa treatments, private golf, helicopter flights, wilderness adventures and more. A luxury lodge is utterly indulgent and offers an exclusive, unforgettable holiday experience.

Homestay accommodation is for those who really like to get under the skin of a place. It’s always comfortable, with friendly hosts who are happy to introduce you to the local culture. All domestic facilities are shared with the family, including the bathroom/s, and meals are eaten together too – often including dinner. Homestay hosts are naturally genial characters, and you are likely to enjoy them a lot. This takes some special curation since we find the best fit for you, but the stay is always the most memorable.

Glamping has everything that makes for a perfect travel experience that balances the outdoors and luxury indoors. This trending accommodation option has companies that offer luxurious set-ups for those who are missing those opulent hotel rooms, amidst picturesque surroundings and stunning landscapes. There’s a wide array of adventure activities to keep you occupied with the outdoors, but when it’s time to chill, you can be back in the confines of luxury.



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