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June 7, 2022

Are you still asking “Why Ladakh?”

For the vertically inclined, there is nothing more appealing than dramatic forested gorges that rise to skylines of snow-capped glaciated peaks. Add to that the high-altitude desert topography dripping with rhododendron forests in fall and the soothing hum of prayer wheels on mountain top monasteries. This doesn’t even begin to describe what Ladakh holds in store for you. If you haven’t thought of visiting Ladakh in the last decade, and call yourself a ‘mountain lover’, then you need to drop the self-assigned designation right now. Let us help you plan one of the best travel destinations in India (especially for the summer), or join one of our upcoming small group journeys where you can travel with like-minded people.

Ladakh, as a region is home to about 50 million people. This means that it’s not some alpine wilderness, but rather a vibrant clutch of peoples, cultures and communities, lying in the heart of ancient trading and pilgrimage routes. It has some of the world's most audacious and dangerous roads, that are thrilling to traverse on 4-wheel drives, and trekking routes that criss-cross through yak pastures. One of the things that we love about Ladakh is the high-altitude lakes that can test your mettle on a windy day. If the sun is on your side, then it’s a day to spend hours photographing the emerald waters. If you are one to get entranced by the wildlife alone then stories of snow leopards and red pandas can keep you gripped.

Ladakh has been unfairly pegged as the Mecca for the adventurers and bikers. Glamping has become one of the best things to do in Ladakh over the years and there are plenty of other luxury experiences anchored on local cuisines and culture. At Encompass Experiences, we ensure that we create what’s best for your taste, budget and appetite for different experiences. A trip with us could include the medieval Hemis Festival at the namesake monastery, leopard spotting at the Hemis National Park, trying Yak cheese delicacies, peeping into the past at different monasteries, and meeting some of the best minds of the region or just hanging out with monks. Within these, here are some of the top reasons to knock Ladakh off your travel list this summer.

1. Be a culture vulture with local festivals, homestay visits and Ladakhi food
2. River rafting in the green sinuous Zanskar and Indus rivers
3. Monastery hopping for some peace of mind
4. Seeing the best of high-altitude wildlife in the national parks
5. Glamping in the company of mountains with pristine skies

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