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Star struck in the Uyuni Salt Flats

Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt plains embark in a hot air balloon, for a magical flight over the Salt Flats, when the sun rises. At night, the sky of the Alptiplano is transformed into a STAR LIT canvas which will leave you star struck.

Pink Dolphins in the Amazonian Peru

An unforgettable voyage into one of Peru’s most remote rainforest areas. Spanning more than five million acres of flooded forest, the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve is the largest, protected flooded forest in the world. Your brush with the pink dolphins who, according to local legends turns into a handsome young man at nights to seduce […]

Self-drive around the world’s highest active volcano

As you traverse the unspoiled Paramo like tundra vegetation in your 4×4, stopping at luxury Haciendas and enjoying mountain gastronomy, with the stunning view of the snowcapped “Neck of the Moon” or Cotopaxi volcano, is a unique experience.

Celebrate New Year’s in the Monaco of South America

Punta del Este is the place to be seen and see for its party vibe and jet setting crowd. The golden beaches are perfect for late night out dancing at clubs or events to go to or restaurants to taste their delights. You might just bump into a celebrity while you are here! Take your […]

Magic of the Monarchs

Another wondrous creation from God’s canvas, witness the Monarch butterflies in the fir tree forests of Michoacán to see – the mass migration of millions of monarch butterflies. Stand in awe as clouds of orange and black beauties glimmer under the shining sun.

A Quiet Lunch on Shimmering Waters

Enjoy a shan themed lunch in the middle of the vast expanse of Inle lake on a traditional rice paper boat which is now a floating restaurant . Your food will be cooked in a boat close by and each course is rowed to you lending itself to the serenity of the lake. The swishing […]

Breakfast by the Waterfall

Kuang si waterfall is all yours this morning for you and your love to enjoy . Almost Tarzan and Jane style but with all the trappings of modern luxury you will enjoy a gourmet breakfast spread in the proximity of the gurgling waterfall with the company of your love… there a better way to start […]

Halloween at Bram’s Castle

Draw out your fangs and your wild side as we go trick and treating in Queen Maries summer palace in Transylvania. Staying in Quaint rural guesthouses the last of Europe’s pristine wilderness at your doorstep, entices one to explore this rich diverse Landscape inhabited by the most hospitable people!(leaving aside the myth about Count Dracula/Vlad […]

Meet the Gentlemen in Tuxedos

Be swept off your feet by these charmers as they wobble along in the glacial wonderland of Antarctica. The crunch of ice and sparkling ice blue waters, towering icebergs span the horizon as you encounter squealing seals and giant whales and learn more about these gentle giants with our naturalists and marine experts. Sustainable travel […]

The Mighty Virunga and its Gentle Inhabitants

The sunlight casting shadows on the mighty Virunga Volcano and the dappled waters of the Twin lakes was not the only reason Diane Fossey set forth into this unchartered terrain of Rwanda. The Gorillas in the mist in the Heart of Africa where it all began.. Heart stopping moments of wonder, with close encounters of […]

Aurora Dreams

The wintery nights seem warm, as we wait for her to appear in the cozy comfort of warm wood fired crackling fireplaces sipping Lakka or Glogg. The days are filled with snow bound activities with huskies and reindeers, that will warm the cockles of your heart and the Christmas spirit is alive at Santa’s homeland! […]

Poetry in Architecture

The ancient land once coveted by the Greeks, Mongols, Arabs and Turks is now inhabited by the friendliest people you will ever meet. Those with or without a penchant for ancient history and architecture are bound to be entranced by the astounding beauty of the cities and oases of this great land. The honeycombed Mihrabs […]